If you’re serious about writing, you should be serious about editing.

Editing isn’t rewriting. It is a means of removing distractions so your voice can be heard and your story can be told. At My Word!, preserving the writer’s voice is key.

Line editing (or copyediting) is always done with an ear attuned to the writer’s voice, tone, pacing, vocabulary, and more.

My Word! owner Holly Franko has more than twenty years of editing experience, including five years as the copy desk chief at The Oregonian. She can help polish your novel, short story, or memoir so it flows as smoothly on the page as it does in your imagination.

“I just finished going through your edits for the last half of my book. I'm so impressed with what a wonderful job you did. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you again.”

—N.  Gregory Hamilton, M.D., author of “Self and Others” as well as an in-progress novel edited by My Word!

Holly Franko: 503-288-9041 + holly@mywordediting.com